Customer Feedback

Dear Rebornlovers,

We are grateful to every single person who gives us feedback on our dolls. We read every single comment and take everything to heart. We encourage you to share your experience with others to help them get an idea of what to expect with their purchase.

"Totally in love with these. I've bought four and recommend them to everyone. Brilliantly made, safe, soft and loveable." - Lorraine P.

"I have looked at so many other dolls and not one of them even comes close to the quality of these." - Lori D.

"The craftsmanship on these is phenomenal!" - Marion B.

"I loved I bought one of each doll." - Hallie B.


"Oh my gosh. They are even more beautiful than I expected!" - Katherine E.

"Thank you for a great product and for what your company stands for. I wish more companies would follow in your footsteps." - Alissa H.

"To anyone considering this purchase...these are absolutely worth it. You won't be disappointed." - Michelle M.

"It makes the gift even more special that there is a beautiful mission behind it." - Rebecca A.



"They are so cute, so soft, and it's great knowing some children are getting meals because of our purchases." - Jeanne P.

“We got two for our boys and they exceeded my expectations!! I sort of wanted one too! Soft, darling, and for a great cause.” – Lisa J.

 "The quality is impeccable." - JoAnn M.


—we love making new friends—

We are pleased to offer you these high-qualify dolls at a very affordable price and let them bring you warmth. Our Dolls can be with you, be a close friend of your child, or a precious gift for your family and friends!

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Rsgdolls® Team