Rsgdolls® Process Advantages


Rsgdolls® sculpted pieces are resin mastered to ensure that  the dolls can be efficiently reproduced indefinitely.

2. Rsgdolls® makes multiple dolls, no matter how complex                          

Whether large or small, curled up or spread out, made of Vinyl or silicone, Rsgdolls® does it all! Rsgdolls® has handled dolls in complex poses that many other casters would avoid, and can disregard the huge upfront investment.                                                                 

3.What is the molding process like?

Once we determined that we wanted to sculpt a brand new silicone doll, we prioritized making 3D renderings and c creating the 1.0 version of the sculpture. We also make sure the sculpture is polished to a very smooth finish, because silicone molds are very good at capturing every little detail, good or bad! Once the doll is ready, we mount the doll, prepare a glove mold, and carefully lay the silicone over the surface of the doll. As we do this, we periodically check for any air bubbles or voids to prevent accurately capturing the doll's details. This process takes about 2-3 weeks.

Once completed, we create what is called a "master mold". The master mold is a hard exoskeleton that allows the mold to hold its shape once the liquid weight of silicone is poured in. This also allows us to create a stand for the doll so that it will stay upright when it is degassed. This part of the process takes between 1-7 days, depending on the size and complexity of the doll.

Finally, the mother mold is removed and the mold is opened along the doll's spine. The original sculpture is removed (unfortunately, this often destroys the original sculpture) and the mold is carefully cleaned of any dust or clay debris. Once this is done, the mold is ready to use!

Our first task with the completed mold is to create a resin master mold. The resin we use creates a very durable and long lasting copy of the original sculpture. If subsequent molds are needed, they can be produced indefinitely from the resin master mold. Each mold can be expected to produce about 20 dolls (depending on the size and location of the doll), and then a new mold must be created.

4.Benefits of Glove Molds vs. Clam Shell Molds

In the field of silicone doll casting, some people choose to use what is called a clamshell mold rather than a glove mold like we do. This is because clamshell molds are usually easier to use because they are completely separate from the front and back, rather than just having a cutout in the spine. The doll comes out of the mold more easily, and the mold can be reused more times before the end of its useful life. However, this leaves a seam line on the outer edge of the baby which is difficult to disguise. Our glove mold method leaves only one seam along the back of the doll, which we then carefully correct before casting is complete.

5.We expect each doll to be perfect!

Quality is the primary goal for Rsgdolls® dolls, and we strive for excellence in every doll we cast. We take the time to carefully inspect every aspect of each doll to ensure that it is perfect before it is shipped. When you get your doll through Rsgdolls®, you can expect every customer who owns your baby to be satisfied!